Ethos plan a significant contribution to the population health improvement agenda. We will achieve this by co-developing a digital Learning Health System – Symphonia. We aim to overcome the traditional human barriers to change by providing health communities with a new generation of collaborative place-based transformation capabilities.

Simulation is used to translate multi-source intelligence and knowledge into digital prototypes of healthcare systems. A risk-free test environment is created where transformation teams can make collective decisions which reflect the dynamic complexities of modern change programmes. Two previously unattainable goals become a reality:

  • Securing system-wide consensus and ownership of local transformation plans
  • Continuously learning from each other’s success and changing/adapting over time.

Digital technology can then make these capabilities available – scaleably and cost-effectively.

Digital technology can unlock the power of system-wide knowledge and continuous learning to drive system-wide transformation – locally and regionally

Dr David Paynton National Clinical Lead for the RCGP Centre for Commissioning

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