Target provides care-led funding for modern, purpose-built care homes across the UK. It develops strong working partnerships with operators and invests for the long term, delivering sustainable returns to the investors.

Whilst all projects must have a sound financial basis, we aim to work with partners who share our desire to improve the sector, and consequently the quality of life of those who reside within our properties. We have a proven track record of investment, and operational knowledge gained over the last 30 years in the sector by key members of our team.

Health PolicyJuly 24, 2019
UK care homes: Legacy, nostalgia, the future
The UK care home estate is ageing and demand for services is set to rise. Around 75 per cent of the UK stock was built pre-2000, much of which is substandard. What does the future of this sector look like? Kenneth Mackenzie from Target Fund Managers looks at what's next.

Caring for seniors, often with dementia, is a worthy and noble calling. Carers need best in class real estate, which we delight to fund, and provide, with appropriate long term lower return money for the sector

Kenneth M. MacKenzie CEO - Target Fund Managers

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