Health PolicyAugust 28, 2019
Empowering patients through personalised care
The advances in personalised medicine are exciting in terms of creating the optimal medical pathway according to an individual’s genetic profile, whilst personalised care is about tailoring care according to an individual’s values and preferences. What does this mean for the NHS in 2019/20?
Health PolicyAugust 22, 2019
Happiness, up in smoke
New data reveals the negative links between smoking, drinking and drugs use with young people's wellbeing. While unsurprising, this highlights a worrying connection. What can be done to address high levels of anxiety and lower life satisfaction for young people?


HealthSeptember 3, 2019
A new template for dealing with rare diseases
Rare diseases are often complex multisystem disorders that require input from a wide range of healthcare professionals to ensure they are optimally managed including reaching the correct diagnosis. In Birmingham, a new Centre is changing the ways in which rare diseases are managed.

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Health PolicyJuly 24, 2019
UK care homes: Legacy, nostalgia, the future
The UK care home estate is ageing and demand for services is set to rise. Around 75 per cent of the UK stock was built pre-2000, much of which is substandard. What does the future of this sector look like? Kenneth Mackenzie from Target Fund Managers looks at what's next.
HealthJuly 19, 2019
Health technology: Digital therapy by prescription
The healthtech sector has been on the rise for years, writes Paula Dumbill, Partner at Browne Jacobson. From the diagnosis and treatment of depression to the management of diabetes, there are numerous advantages. However, the focus on safeguarding sensitive data must remain a priority

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