Health PolicyAugust 8, 2019
How do we tackle the giant of social care?
Developing a progressive social care system to meet the needs of citizens while balancing service provision, funding and workforce pressures is a puzzle yet unsolved. A Public Policy Projects roundtable, chaired by David Walker, sought to establish what's next for the policy of the political left.
Health PolicyAugust 7, 2019
A drop in the ocean? The new capital funding plan
Since 2010, the NHS has endured the slowest growth in capital funding since its inception. The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced a £1.8 billion boost to finance 20 substantial healthcare upgrade projects and address the maintenance backlog. Is this enough? And what comes next?
HealthAugust 1, 2019
Unlocking the blockage in social care
The long-awaited social care green paper remains unpublished, but as well as tackling the major issue of how care is funded, it is also expected to place emphasis on the need for more integrated, person-centred approaches and innovative models of care.
Health PolicyJuly 25, 2019
Boris Johnson: Is it over before it begins?
Boris Johnson entered Downing Street as the 77th Prime Minister on 24th July and it is no understatement that he faces an uphill struggle. He will have to move quickly if he is to fend off calls for a General Election and must not forget the domestic agenda along the way, says former MP, Ben…
Health PolicyJuly 24, 2019
UK care homes: Legacy, nostalgia, the future
The UK care home estate is ageing and demand for services is set to rise. Around 75 per cent of the UK stock was built pre-2000, much of which is substandard. What does the future of this sector look like? Kenneth Mackenzie from Target Fund Managers looks at what's next.

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