Health June 6, 2019
New innovations boost patient-centred healthcare at AXA Health Tech & You Awards

By News Feature - Accountable Care Journal

In its fifth year of operation, AXA Health Tech & You is celebrating perhaps the broadest cohort of health innovations yet – ranging from robotic companions combating loneliness amongst the elderly to wearable sensors that indicate whether staff are getting enough natural daylight through the working day.

Richard Cooper, Head of Digital & e-Commerce at AXA PPP healthcare, spoke to ACJ about the founding of the Awards in 2015 and their mission to bring added value to the lives of people. This focus on wellness and fitness complements the conventional functions of AXA PPP allowing it to operate as both a payer and partner to its members with an emphasis on the role of technology in boosting health outcomes.

Richard Cooper - Head of Digital & e-Commerce at AXA PPP healthcare

The focus of this year’s Awards centred around innovations which placed individuals in control of their healthcare, and the steps they can take to address ailments and boost their wellness.

2019 Innovation Spotlight  

Of the many innovations featured, all of which can be viewed here a selection stood out at the AXA Health Tech & You Showcase on 22 May: 

Untire – An app to help fatigued cancer patients and survivors improve their energy levels and regain their life by understanding factors that cause fatigue and by providing daily information, activities and exercises to increase energy levels.

Clear Fear – An app providing ways for children and young people to manage anxiety incorporating a Cognitive Behavioural framework to help change anxious thoughts and emotions and calm fear responses.

Circadia – A sleep monitoring device which gathers high-level information on an individuals sleep quality and uses a connected app to provide analytics, sleep coaching and light to tackle insomnia and improve sleep.

LYS – A button-like wearable device that monitors exposure to light and uses an app to benchmark users experience against recommended levels based on age, gender and sleep. The feedback generated is used to empower individuals with recommendations to boost wellbeing.

GenieConnect – A robotic companion and service designed to reduce loneliness and enable older people to live independently for longer, with higher levels of wellbeing. The voice-enabled device can ‘chat’ with users and connect residents to family, friends and a 24/7 care centre.

Wide-Ranging Innovation

Previous years have seen winners such as LiveSmart, which uses blood-based assessments to boost physical and mental health in the workplace, and WalkWithPath, which provides mobility devices to help those with Parkinson’s disease walk around more easily.

Inspiration for the wide variety of innovations comes, in many cases, from lived experiences. For example, the founder of the Path Finder device got the idea from a family member who suffered from the disease and could capably walk upstairs but not in a straight line.


AXA, through Health Tech & You, not only looks to spotlight innovations and help raise awareness for entrepreneurs looking to take their idea from development to the people who need it but to also potentially partner with them to supplement their own offer as a health insurer. The future is certainly bright for the innovations spotlighted in 2019 and the Awards themselves as they continue to adapt to mirror healthcare demands.

Find out more about the awards here.

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