Health Policy November 5, 2019
Care England launch manifesto for independent adult social care

By Francesco Tamilia - Accountable Care Journal

Care England, a UK based social care charity, has called for fair funding, proportionate regulation and due recognition for carers in its' long-term 'manifesto for the future'. The report, published this week, also highlights the importance of finding a definitive solution to ensure future sustainability and growth of social care across the country.

The manifesto defines the £1.8 billion pledge by the Chancellor as ‘inadequate' and will result in financial deterioration of the adult social care sector. “Investment in the sector is key and will only be achieved with a clear long-term care strategy which is properly funded,” the new report stated.

Commenting on the manifesto, Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, said that, unlike other sectors, social care has not received the funding necessary to meet rapidly rising levels of demand.

“Care England’s long-term plan calls for the long-term sustainability of the adult social care sector to be secured through an immediate £4 billion, followed by a longer-term plan to ensure the future sustainability of the sector," Professor Green added.

The manifesto includes:

  • Continued and increased investment in front line social care services by the Government
  • Investment in the training and upskilling of care staff
  • Better technology for the sector and access to high quality data and intelligence
  • Strong central leadership to take duplication and unnecessary administrative burdens out of the system
  • Easier recruitment of staff from overseas
  • Ensuring adults with learning disabilities are valued

The full report is available here.

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