Health Library

As part of the Dorson West group, ACJ provides a range of White Papers and print publications for health and care professionals. Here you can download all current and archive copies from the health library.

  • PPP Report

    Looking Within: The State of Endoscopy in England

  • WHJ White Paper

    Excellence in the UK Research Ecosystem

  • Hospital Times

    Issue Six 2019

  • Public Policy Projects

    Annual Conference 2019

  • Hospital Times

    Issue Five 2019

  • PPP White Paper

    The Next Wave of Health Innovation

  • PPP White Paper

    The Importance of Nutrition

  • Hospital Times

    Issue Four 2019

  • Hospital Times

    Issue Three 2019

  • PPP Summer Reception

    Simon Stevens

  • PPP White Paper

    Lord Darzi: Integrated Care

  • Hospital Times

    Issue Two 2019

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